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Thinking about a MacBook

October 25th, 2008 Comments off

macbook I was an Apple guy at the beginning of my computer life.  I had an Apple II+, then a IIe, then a IIgs.  Then I moved into Mac’s and had an SE/30 and also a Centris 650.  I had actually overlocked the Centris 650 by myself! It involved piggybacking an faster clock to a circuit on the motherboard, yes it involved soldering.  System 7 then recognized the machine as a Quadra 650 because I went from 25 Mhz to 40 Mhz.

Anyway, I’ve been using Windows for years and actually even got a Mac Mini and promptly installed Vista on it to use as a media center PC in the living room.  This evening I Installed VMWare Fusion on the Mac and messed around with using Mac OS X and Vista at the same time and was impressed by Fusion.  I was able to access my existing BootCamp partition (which had Windows Vista Ultimate) and run it as a Virtual Machine from inside OS X.  I also experimented with Unity mode which lets you transparently run Windows applications inside OS X.  At the end of the day, I actually was not comfortable with OS X any more (too used to Vista), but parts of it seemed interesting though I’m not sure it was that much easier to use.

But this brings to me to the point of this post, I’m actually thinking about getting one of the new MacBook’s and running both OS X / Vista on it.  I may actually boot into Vista when I need the laptop for work, but will use OS X with Unity mode when working on personal things.  I have a great desktop at home so I don’t actually need the laptop as a primary machine, though it could become a great laptop for me to use at work.

Stay tuned, I haven’t bought anything yet but may do so in the near future 🙂  Does this mean I’m a switcher?  Who knows!

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