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Windows Mobile 6 for HTC P4350 (Herald)

August 21st, 2007 Comments off

p4350 I upgraded to HTC’s official Windows Mobile 6 release last week (though it seems to have officially been released this week).

After the first week I can say that my phone is literally running twice as fast as it did with Windows Mobile 5. I was previously overclocking my phone to 204 Mhz (using OMAP clock) and now I’m not doing anything and the phone still seems faster.

It’s much more responsive and quicker on redraw when I open the keyboard and flip from portrait to landscape.

Overall I haven’t explored all of the new functionality (calendaring, e-mail) but it really seems like a worthwhile upgrade.

Also, I use IMAP on Windows Mobile for my personal mail and it seems like the IMAP implementation has improved on WM6 because the mail sync is occurring much more quickly.

Link: HTC Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade for P4350 (requires registration)

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