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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-23

September 23rd, 2012
  • Spending a lot of time at #Dreamforce #DF12 this week. Looking forward to seeing a lot of technology and how it's used. #
  • @jstogdill are you in SF then this week? would love to catch up, been a long time. #
  • @craigkerstiens booked here and there. When will you be on the expo floor? #
  • @craigkerstiens OK cool then probably Wed morning? #
  • @jstogdill I'll be up in SF Tues-Thurs for dreamforce. Back in south bay on Friday if you're still around. #
  • @craigkerstiens I'm really flexible tomorrow morning #
  • @craigkerstiens sounds good #
  • Do you really want your CMO in charge of IT? http://t.co/0vOTdi5s #
  • On previous tweet – As my old @accenture_labs colleagues said, is the CIO driving innovation or just relegated to data fort commander? #
  • AT&T LTE is pretty damn fast at my house. Nice! http://t.co/yz5p7lfP #
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