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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-13

May 13th, 2012
  • @steveos European Auto Works in Sunnyvale is good. Used them many times. Honest, accurate on estimates. #
  • Build cloud aware apps on open platforms – Four Reasons Why I Hate the Term 'Cloud' | Cloudline | http://t.co/bHRyOp6O http://t.co/r4m6Y5IZ #
  • At the Accel Big Data Conference @stanford. Impressive turnout. #accelbdc #
  • I'm at Welcome http://t.co/egN28Hiv #
  • Doug Cutting: expensive to move data in and out of the cloud, so you end up leaving all of your data in the cloud. #accelbdc #
  • Doug Cutting: Creating Trevni so there is a native column-oriented storage format for the Hadoop stack. https://t.co/7a8Ina2u #accelbdc #
  • Jay Parikh/Facebook: Can develop products faster because of democratized and central access to different vertical silos of data #accelbdc #
  • All the data analytics and storage tools in the world won't help you if you fundamentally don't have good questions to ask 🙂 #accelbdc #
  • John Ousterhout/Stanford on RAMCloud: when is the last time someone wasn't interestd in 100x perf improvmnts? http://t.co/x2TcVbfR #accelbdc #
  • @jstogdill congrats on the new gig! Very cool. #
  • If you’ve been doing what you’re doing for years . . . you are in a rut. Many people refer to these ruts as careers http://t.co/A15evNEF #
  • Didn't know genomic data was being used so extensively – Perfect Milk Machine: How Big Data Transformed Dairy Industry http://t.co/a18iteSq #
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