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Making Hamachi2 a trusted network on Windows 7

September 23rd, 2009

I’ve been using Hamachi (personal VPN) between my computers and servers for some time to make it easier to access my machines from any network.  I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and then upgraded to the new version of Hamachi called Hamachi2.  Unfortunately Windows 7 recognized Hamachi2 as an untrusted network and disabled any external access to the Hamachi network adapter from outside of the machine.  This obviously defeats the entire purpose of using Hamachi.  I read around on the internet and finally saw something that said that because the new Hamachi2 doesn’t configure a Default Gateway in the network adapter, Windows 7 treats it as untrusted.

Turns out this is easy to fix.  Go to “Network Connections” in your Control Panel.  Right click on the Hamachi Network Interface and choose Properties.  Click on “Internet Protocol Version 4” and select Properties.  On the General tab, click on Advanced.  On the IP Settings tab, click Add under Default Gateway and add in  Voila!  Windows 7 will now recognize the network as trusted and all external access works flawlessly.

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