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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20

September 20th, 2009
  • Accenture launches Accenture Interactive today as a new business. New thrust in advanced analytics and web / digital. #
  • Surprised by Adobe's acquisition of Omniture. Very interesting move, Flash and Advertising in a single package? #
  • @craigkerstiens saw their launch announcement, interesting. you using the beta? in reply to craigkerstiens #
  • @craigkerstiens ok cool let me know. feels like Xobni mixed in with Rapleaf's original charter. Plus some generateinc.com thrown in. in reply to craigkerstiens #
  • RT @harsh1: Killer VP Marketing w/ green streak? We're looking for you at Tendril [Smart Home Energy] http://bit.ly/3lIRQP #
  • @harsh1 but then other people will be trying to jack into you too all the time. I'm guessing you won't like that 🙂 in reply to harsh1 #
  • VMWare Fusion Technology Preview working much better than Beta 2. Aero working properly in my Windows 7 VM now. #
  • @ewiesen search on directv supercast for manhattan and you can get an online only version. Quality is mediocre but it works. in reply to ewiesen #
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