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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-02

August 2nd, 2009
  • IBM buys SPSS. They continue to acquire data mgmt and analytics vendors at a rapid pace. http://tr.im/upbH #
  • @billwesterman you gotta mix the GN with other cereals. Right now I'm mixing a granola, grape nuts and steel cut oats. Yum. in reply to billwesterman #
  • Jim Johnson, former Eagles defensive coordinator died today. RIP. You'll be missed. #
  • Yabing? Bingoo? #
  • Going to try installing a solar-powered attic fan in my garage to keep it cooler. http://tr.im/uMY4 #
  • Cash for clunkers program has already gone thru their $1B allocation since July 24. That is quite impressive. I think. http://tr.im/uQCY #
  • Innovation vs Invention – don't forget to talk to your intended customers! Will have to track back to the Graham post too http://tr.im/ved7 #
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