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Read It Later and Xmarks Firefox extensions plus RIL iPhone App

June 8th, 2009

One of my friends introduced me to the Read It Later firefox extension and iPhone application.  I really love the concept but had some trouble getting it going while also using the Xmarks bookmarks synchronization tool on Firefox. I’ve got multiple Firefox browsers running on different PCs that are all in sync via Xmarks.

Here’s what I ultimately did and I think it’s all working now.

Starting on my desktop, I did the following:

1) Turned off syncing on Read It Later entirely (just to be safe)

2) Force synced Xmarks

3) Went to xmarks.com and deleted all Read It Later folders, just to be sure

4) In Firefox bookmarks organizer, created my own folder called Read It Later – Computer Name (in my case, Dash)

5) Force synced Xmarks

6) Went into Read It Later, on the General tab, picked  the Read It Later folder as “Read It Later – Dash”

7) Enabled Syncing on the RSS / syncing tab.

8) Force synced Read It Later

9) Force synced Xmarks

10) Logged into Xmarks.com and even though I picked “Read It Later – Dash”, RIL had still created a separate RIL folder.

11) Deleted the RIL folder in FIREFOX bookmarks manager.

12) Double checked settings on Read It Later, to make sure “Read It Later – Dash” was selected.

13) Force synced Xmarks, since now the second RIL folder is deleted.

14) Now everything was working fine on a single desktop and iPhone, I could add or subtract Items and no trouble at all.  No more duplicate folders and such.

On my laptop:

1) BTW, left out that I had disabled RIL on the laptop before I started on my desktop!

2) Force synced Xmarks

3) Now I had an RIL-Dash folder on the laptop

4) Followed the directions above, basically went into RIL settings, picked the RIL-Dash folder, enabled syncing

5) Force synced RIL on the laptop

6) Force synced Xmarks

7) Again there was an extra RIL folder that RIL on my laptop created even though I picked RIL-Dash

8) Double checked settings in RIL

9) Deleted the extra RIL folder in Firefox / Organize Bookmarks

10) Force synced Xmarks

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