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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-17

May 17th, 2009
  • Article about Star Trek and Economics theory referenced in the movie (which I haven’t seen yet). Invest in education! http://tr.im/l3hc #
  • @shindz did you sign up for cubetree? how many other people on from our company? in reply to shindz #
  • @carlism what antenna design will you follow? in reply to carlism #
  • @carlism cool, I saw that video on Make. Been tempted to make one, let me know how it works out! in reply to carlism #
  • Do you need a research organization? CNet writer’s views on relevance of Microsoft Research http://tr.im/l9bb #
  • @saymynamedave http://tr.im/lfMY Go read the Wrap-up section. in reply to saymynamedave #
  • Google not working for me today. Interesting. Off to Live Search I go 🙂 #
  • IT spending stabilizing. Early trends that it might start going back up? http://tr.im/llkt #
  • Vista virtual machine went completely crazy on my Macbook yesterday. Restored back to working state in 1 hr thru Windows Home Server. yay! #
  • Interesting election results in India. Wonder what the new cabinet will look like. Perhaps some young up and comers? #
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