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2 TB added to my Home Server

January 27th, 2009

398_LRG It wasn’t easy and I’m not sure I’m totally satisfied but I added 2 TB to my Windows Home Server.  I stuck with the Vantec eSATA card I had already purchased (that doesn’t support Port Multiplier) and bought a Fantom 2TB hard drive from NewEgg as the external drive.  It’s just a nice looking enclosure with 2 1TB hard drives inside it.  The Fantom enclosure lets you pick RAID, individual drives, or SPAN which combines the two drives into one contiguous space.  I had to use the latter mode since I didn’t have a PM capable eSATA card.

The not easy part was the fact that the first Fantom external HD I got from Newegg sounded like a jet engine when it was turned off (the cooling fan is incredibly loud).  I RMA’d it with Newegg and got a replacement unit and it was just as loud, which sucks since Newegg now charges 15% to restock no matter what.  Ugh.

Then I purchased a replacement cooling fan (40mm x 40mm x 10mm) from Fry’s, a Silenx model but it had a 3 pin connector instead of a 2 pin connector that was in the stock fan in the enclosure.  Double ugh.

I ordered a replacement from Xsfan.com (cheap and fast delivery!) that had the right connector and seemed to be quieter (albeit less CFM and slower fan speed, but that seemed like an ok tradeoff).  I plugged in the replacement fan but no joy, didn’t work.  Triple ugh.

This evening I decided to lop off the original 2 pin connector and soldered it on to the replacement fan and voila! now it’s working..

So after a lot of work I got the enclosure to work (and not sound incredibly loud!) and have the extra 2 TB of storage I was looking for.

Parts list:

Vantec UGT-ST300 (Vantec SATA/eSATA PCI Host Card)

Fantom G-Force MegaDisk eSATA / USB 2 (in 2TB capacity, drives included)

AddA 40mm x 10mm 12v VGA/Chipset 2-pin Ball Bearing Fan

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