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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-18

January 18th, 2009
  • “If it were up to free safety Brian Dawkins, he’d hit you when you stepped off the bus.” ha ha ha ha ha http://tr.im/4wmc #
  • When did newegg.com start charging a 15% restocking fee on all purchases? Makes me like them a LOT less. #
  • Bob Lutz on NPR talking about how successful the Malibu is. Haven’t seen a single one on my drive home. #
  • I’ve been waiting for the inevitable comparison of our current govt economic responses to Atlas Shrugged. And here it is! http://tr.im/5vrv #
  • Visiting Noora’s future elementary school this morning. It’s all happening so fast! #
  • @shindz now you’re stealing my VSL: thunder. I knew I couldn’t trust you ๐Ÿ˜‰ in reply to shindz #
  • Small groups increase your competitive fire? #VSL http://tr.im/7uob #
  • Watching the Ascent of Money. Just learned where the terms prime and sub-prime originally came from. #
  • I’m ready for the Eagles game now, why wait till Sunday? #
  • Mitu Singh is in the house, haven’t seen him a long time. I’m having flashbacks to his godlike status in Spain. Hmmm . . .. #
  • @ewiesen and do you feel better or worse without facebook in your life? ๐Ÿ™‚ in reply to ewiesen #
  • Watching BSG at last! #
  • Trying out the Richard Solo 1800 as a battery backup for the iPhone. http://tr.im/9dol #
  • Time to buy a flat panel TV if you want one. LG CEO says panel prices have hit bottom. http://tr.im/9lj7 #
  • @ewiesen So the question is, should I buy that 58″ Panasonic I’ve been eyeing ๐Ÿ™‚ in reply to ewiesen #
  • It’s game time! Go Eagles! #
  • Ok let’s see some defense here from the Eagles #
  • Ouch. Fitzgerald is tearing the Eagles apart. #
  • Eagles looking as bad as the giants did last week. Ugh. #
  • Finally a TD. #
  • Momentum! Fly eagles fly! #
  • How is that 2 minute drill DMac? Feels like the super bowl in 2004. #
  • What a game. Eagles did far better than anyone expected this year. But still sucks to lose. ๐Ÿ™ #
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