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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2008-11-30

December 3rd, 2008
Taking monday off. Much needed down time.
Hope is restored for Eagles fans. However fleeting 🙂
Noora says “four touchdowns for Westbrook!”
The Eagles have rediscovered a running game!
Eagles on thanksgiving night who knew I’d be happy in the first quarter! Go Westbrook!
Can’t believe the violence in Mumbai. Indiscriminate violence accomplishes nothing . . .
Love Hamachi for p2p VPN. Great Mac OS X version called HamachiX as well. http://hamachix.spaceants.net/
Mmmmm cupcakes
Obama keeps saying “we have to restore confidence in markets”. Can’t free markets go up AND down? I understand the liquidity crunch but . .
Prince Alwaleed is on CNBC. Wearing sunglasses at night and looking like Bono. And there are horses in the background. Huh.
Nice short 2 day week. Looking forward to some time off.
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