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iPhone post 2.1 upgrade

September 15th, 2008

I was excited about how the 2.1 upgrade made my phone more stable, fewer app crashes, faster installs, faster backups and syncing and then it all went downhill today.  I got a call from a friend in Chicago (he was on his cell) and I was in San Jose and within 10 minutes, I got 6 dropped calls (“call failed”).  I had 5 bars of 3G and he said he had full reception.  I forced the phone to Edge and then my buddy couldn’t hear me at all and we had to give up.  iPhone as a Phone = 1 star out of 5 🙁

Iliumsoft finally released the sync version of eWallet which I installed a week ago.  Works really well and I’m happy.  Will try to post a longer review when possible.

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