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Comcast’s usage cap and my online backups

September 3rd, 2008

image I have been reading all the discussion about Comcast and their 250GB data transfer limit (upload and download) and haven’t really thought thru how it’s going to impact me (if at all).

I backup our pictures and videos on my Windows Home Server and also into Amazon’s S3 cloud (via Jungledisk).  Right now it amounts to ~10 GB / month at most.  All of download activity is nowhere near Comcast’s cap so my first impression is that I’ll have no issues.

However, I started thinking that if i had to do a full restore of all of our images/video I’d be downloading upwards of 80+ GB from Amazon in a single month.  I can follow the trend line and see that I’ll hit an upper limit with Comcast in the next few years but hopefully they will increase their limit over time as their network improves.

I don’t actually have a problem with Comcast putting in a cap.  I wish they offered different tiers of service with different caps, like they do with different tiers of speed.  I know their Commercial service for home has no cap but that’s almost double the price for now.

Cnet has a blog with a pretty rational exploration of the entire issue here.

Link:  Cnet: Comcast’s Usage cap: Is the sky really falling?

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