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Earth: The Biography – National Geographic Channel

July 25th, 2008

Earth - The Power of the Planet - Programme 3 We’ve been watching Earth The Biography on the National Geographic Channel (in HD) over the last week.  It’s a fascinating series on how the Earth was formed thru today on how the Earth’s systems sustain us (air, water, land).  The series is narrated by Iain Stewart, evidently a well known scientist.  Stewart is an excellent narrator and his enthusiasm is infectious.  I learned a lot from this series and absolutely loved the visual way that they illustrate all of their points.  The photography and cinematography were just beautiful, especially in HD!  A couple of things that I learned that were surprising:

A staggering 40 million tons of dust is transported from the Sahara across the Atlantic to the Amazon rain forest every year by the wind.  (Atmosphere)

and Methane is being released from permafrost in Siberia.  There is so much being released that you can light it on fire even if the gas is nestled in solid ice!  (You have to see it to appreciate it.)

Definitely worth watching!

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