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Terrible Customer Service from Comcast (no surprise)

June 19th, 2008

I have been annoyed with how much my cable TV / internet bill has been increasing (with no change in service) from Comcast and pinged them via text chat today to see what they could do for me.  I’ve been getting a lot of DirecTV offers and am fairly ready to switch and after today’s conversation will do so over the summer (NFL sunday ticket!) most likely.

After being a Comcast customer for nearly 15 years I can’t believe this experience.  The customer support agent was basically telling me that he thinks I’m paying something different than what is actually on my bill!  Bizarre.  (some parts edited for privacy reasons).  Enjoy!

Sanjay > my comcast bill keeps increasing, am considering leaving comcast as I’m getting great deal offers from DirecTV
Daniel > Hello Sanjay_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Daniel. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Sanjay_ > sure
Daniel > I will be happy to assist you with your billing.
Daniel > Am I chatting with Sanjay?
Sanjay_ > my bill seems to magically increase every month
Sanjay_ > when I moved to this new address in December 2007 my bills were about $120 total
Sanjay_ > and how we’re up to $145
Sanjay_ > yes this is Sanjay Mathur
Daniel > Hello Sanjay. I do apologize for this issue. I will need to access your account. For your protection, I will need you to provide your full 16-digit Comcast account number.
Sanjay_ > <edited>
Daniel > Thank you.
Sanjay_ > are you still there?
Daniel > Yes. I do not show your bill has increased since you added the 16 blast speed tier.
Sanjay_ > my cable bill has gone from $70 to $85 or a little less
Sanjay_ > and I have not added any new channels or capabilities
Sanjay_ > HD has gotten more expensive
Sanjay_ > the digital tier has increased in price
Sanjay_ > again
Sanjay_ > I’m getting weekly offers from DirecTV that are far cheaper even considering their promotions that expire
Sanjay_ > I was in an apt before where I couldn’t get DirecTV but now I’m at a house where I can
Sanjay_ > I wanted to see what you guys are willing to do vis-a-vis my monthly cost, otherwise I’m going to have to strongly consider leaving
Daniel > I show your cable tv services ar:  70.94 montly.
Sanjay_ > amazing
Sanjay_ > I’m looking at my 5/24/08 bill
Sanjay_ > cable tv 82.93
Sanjay_ > internet 55.95
Sanjay_ > taxes 5.58
Sanjay_ > total due on june 15th which I just paid 144.46
Sanjay_ > not sure what you’re looking at!!
Sanjay_ > digital class $14.95, standard cable 55.99 sports 4.99 hd 7
Sanjay_ > adds up to 82.93
Sanjay_ > again not sure what you’re looking at
Daniel > I have you May billing ledger up. I show you were charged:  70.94  for cable tv services.
Sanjay_ > seriously what the heck are you talking about
Sanjay_ > I have a $144.46 charge on my credit card1
Sanjay_ > and the bill I just downloaded from your web site
Sanjay_ > has the numbers I just gave you
Sanjay_ > are you sure you’re looking at my account?
Sanjay_ > address is <snip>
Daniel > Sanjay the 70.94 is what you were charge for Cable TV programming nothing else.
Daniel > I have the correct account up
Daniel > I did not include internet charges.
Sanjay_ > this is a comical conversation and I’ll be posting this on my blog
Sanjay_ > I understand internet is not there
Sanjay_ > here is what I am looking at on my bill
Sanjay_ > CABLE TV 82.93
Sanjay_ > Digital Classic Package 14.95
Sanjay_ > Standard Cable 55.99
Sanjay_ > Sports 4.99
Sanjay_ > HD TV 7
Sanjay_ > total is 82.93
Sanjay_ > And I definitely paid 144.46 total (82.93 for TV 55.95 for Internet)
Sanjay_ > on the last bill
Sanjay_ > which is what was charged to my credit card
Sanjay_ > so trust me, I’m not sure what you’re looking at
Sanjay_ > but there is a discrepancy
Daniel > That is what I show also.
Sanjay_ > so then why do you keep saying $70? 🙂
Daniel > There is no dispute with your current statement.
Daniel > I quoted you cable TV programming onluy
Sanjay_ > this is a very strange conversation
Daniel > and no tax
Sanjay_ > I pay comcast 82.93 for cable TV
Sanjay_ > without tax
Sanjay_ > I can pay DirecTv about $60 for the same level of service
Sanjay_ > same channels, same HD
Sanjay_ > and their DVR obviously instead of yours
Sanjay_ > you’ve already wasted my time enough here, what is the best way to actually get some customer service?  I’ve been a comcast customer for the better part of 15 years (chicago and now the bay area) and this is terrible
Sanjay_ > I can see that it’s not imprtant to try to keep me
Sanjay_ > I am going to call in and reference this terrible conversation

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