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Backing up to the cloud – experience with Amazon’s S3

March 19th, 2008

I’m a newfound massive fan of Windows Home Server.  It’s made my backup life much easier across multiple PCs (work and home).  There is a user community developing plugins for WHS and one that I’ve been trying out recently is called Jungledisk.  It lets me choose to backup some of my files from the Windows Home Server machine (for instance, my pictures) to Amazon’s S3 storage service.  The plugin is seamless, you install it and plugin in your Amazon login info for S3 (public and private key’s) and then specify what you want to backup to the cloud.

I’ve been backing up my Pictures for several days now 🙂 and have another day and half to go, but like the fact that all of our photos will be backed up on Amazon’s servers, hopefully across multiple data centers on their side.

The best part?  After days and days of uploading (I’m sure Comcast thinks I’m a bittorrent movie sharer now), my Amazon bill is three dollars.  I love it 🙂



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