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Firefox Add-ons / Extensions

January 12th, 2008

firefox I’ve tried out so many different Firefox Extensions over time it kind of surprises me recently that I only have 5 or 6 actually loaded at any given time.  I guess over time I’ve trimmed my browser experience down to the core few that I need.

Here are my favorite extensions (in alphabetical order):

  • ChromaTabs:  Assigns a unique color to a tab based on a hash derived from the web sites domain name.  Kind of useful because you get the same color for each site even between browsing sessions.
  • del.icio.us Bookmarks:  The Yahoo / Delicious add-on.  Just recently started using this one and I like it so far.  Easier to tag things for remembering later as well as easy to search for things based on tags.
  • FireFTP:  Can’t live without it, my favorite FTP client now.  I back things up to the cloud every couple weeks and this makes it easy to do so.  I also use a backup program called SecondCopy for heavy duty tasks.
  • Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer:  Big fan of bookmark sync, wish these guys would create a cross-platform Internet Explorer version!
  • Image Zoom:  Gives you a lot of control over images in your browser, easy to zoom in or out or define custom sizes.  Custom sizes are really handy for some of the webcams we have at work that embed a live video stream in a java app in a browser.
  • Tab Mix Plus:  If you like Tabs, you’ll like Tab Mix Plus.  Trust me.
  • Toolbar Buttons:  Lets you add a bunch of custom buttons to your toolbar in firefox so you can choose what requires "one-click" access, including web sites / bookmarks, or features / functions inside Firefox (like FireFTP!)
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