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Things we don’t like about Apple’s iPhone

June 30th, 2007
  • The keyboard
  • Uncertain Microsoft Exchange support
  • No MMS client
  • Can’t sync To Do items from PC
  • No Bluetooth sync
  • No custom applications
  • No GPS
  • Speed of EDGE downloads
  • No type ahead contact lookup
  • No file transfer or file system access
  • Limited capacity (for the price)
  • No instant messaging clients
  • Did we mention AT&T?
  • No memory card slot
  • No voice dialing
  • Battery not removeable
  • Can’t capture video with built-in camera
  • Can’t open Powerpoint files
  • No cut and paste between applications!
  • No file management on the phone

Many of these will probably be addressed in v2.0 of the iPhone so we’ll just have to wait 🙂

Update:  Added a few more 🙂

Link: Thanks to Prem Sundaram for contributing!

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