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267 mph Maglev Train in Shanghai via Winding Road

May 25th, 2007

Winding Road magazine has this wonderful video about a 267mph Maglev train in Shanghai. The video is fascinating to me for a handful of reasons. On the technology side, it’s seems like a really amazing experience. Nice, clean and pristine train going so smoothly that the video doesn’t even shake that much anywhere over 100mph. Imagine going that fast on Amtrak and how violent it seems (maybe besides the Acela trains on the East coast). Also, the economic development that is evident in the video is also fascinating. You can see the outside view go from being highly urban, to mostly suburban to quickly agrarian. You always read about the economic development in China and India, it’s neat to see the whole thing flash by in a 10 minute video about a train!

Link: Shanghai’s 270MPH Maglev Train via Winding Road

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