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CyberLink MagicSports

January 20th, 2007

 I’ve been playing around with the Media Center features in Windows Vista and ran across this add-on bit of software from Cyberlink.  Cyberlink say that they can automatically analyze recorded sports video on your PC and then remove ads and show you highlights.  It seems like an interesting concept!  They don’t have a trial version so I’ll have to look around and see if anyone has reviewed this.

Catch the best moments of each game

MagicSports lets your relive the highlights of your favorite baseball, soccer, and sumo games, letting you watch and replay TV sports like never before.

  • Watch baseball, soccer, and sumo wrestling games
  • Skip between highlights
  • Watch the rest of a game from any highlight
  • Operate using a remote control

Source: CyberLink MagicSports – The Most Exciting Way to Relive Your Favorite Sports

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