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What impressed me most about the Apple iPhone

January 9th, 2007

techhero_specs20070109.jpg (JPEG Image, 600x650 pixels)As expected by anyone who reads a technology oriented blog, Apple announced their iPhone today.  I’ve read coverage before of how Steve Jobs is a master at doing product introductions and he didn’t disappoint today either. 

What impressed me most about the iPhone is not necessarily is shape or size, rather it’s what Apple does better than almost any other company:  the user interface and interaction method.  Most of the “gestures” shown by Jobs are intuitive and immediately useable.  The additional UI elements on text messaging and voice mail just make sense.  I think that Apple will always occupy this niche of providing the best UI melded to hardware because they control both platforms.

I have a little bit of gadget envy with the iPhone but am not sure I’d pay the price tag, though I think the pricing is fair for the value you’re getting.  Also, I definitely think that switching to Cingular / AT&T would increase my phone bill quite a bit.  The $19.99 unlimited data plan from T-Mobile just can’t be beat!

Well, I have till June to decide whether to try to get an iPhone 🙂

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