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Setting up the Shuttle SD37P2

September 9th, 2006

I got all of my parts for my new Shuttle over the last few days and finally got it setup today.  It was a little more painful than I expected (on the software side).  I won’t both listing out all the permutations I had to go through as some of it was a limitation of my current PC, but here’s the final set of steps I went through.

  1. Downloaded Windows XP Pro SP2 from MSDN and burned it to a boot CD using my laptop (because my current desktop’s CD burner is 4 years old and totally unreliable).
  2. Configured the SD37P2 to run my two 320 GB hard drives in regular SATAII mode (not in RAID).
  3. Installed Win XP SP2 on the SD37P2.
  4. Installed all of the Shuttle drivers and Nero that came with the Lite-On DVD Burner I bought.
  5. Downloaded Windows Vista RC1 from MSDN.
  6. Burned the Vista ISO onto a DVD-R.
  7. Rebooted the SD37P2 and went into the BIOS and turned on RAID and then configured one RAID 0 striped set of drives.
  8. Put in the Windows Vista DVD and booted from that.
  9. Installed Windows Vista!

After all of that I’m up and running and installing software.  I’m going to try out most of the stuff we use on a regular basis before fully committing to getting rid of our old Win XP box (that’s destined to become a media center I think).

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