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Qtek 9100 starting anew

August 16th, 2006

I downloaded the latest ROM for my phone (HTC Wizard) from xda-developers today. This is version 2.26 and I have to say it’s a big improvement in stability and speed so far. My phone is running I’d say on average 1.5x faster that it was before. The screen refresh is significantly better as well. It surprises me that there can be this much of an improvement from software alone since my hardware is obviously not changing. I guess this tells me how poor the original ROM was on this phone!

Since I had to go thru the trouble of re-installing all of my applications, here’s a list of everything I use:

  • Spb Pocket Plus (adds a bunch of features that Microsoft should just include out of the box like application launching and a better close button)
  • Spb Diary (this is another one of my favorites, it really makes my Today screen versatile. I’m trying out a v2 beta now)
  • Spb Imageer (image management and manipulation)
  • Tom Tom Navigator 5 (for use with my Parrot CK3300 kit in my car for GPS navigation)
  • Microsoft Voice Command (works suprisingly well with no training)
  • Ilium Software’s eWallet (one of my favorites!)
  • Resco Explorer 2005 (very handy, gives you a better file explorer, a registry editor, ftp abilities and more)
  • MemMaid (better memory management of arcane things like the Notification queue, etc.)
  • SearchToday (to search the web directly from the Today screen)
  • TodayTime (gives you one line ability to put in the date and time on the Today screen. Follow this link for the english translation.)
  • JETWare Bluetooth Hands-free Extension (helps tremendously with syncing contacts, signal strength and battery level to my Parrot kit)
  • OMAPClockPlus (I run my processor at 240 Mhz for much faster response.)

This ROM includes most of the registry hacks that I use to optimize settings, but there are still a few left out:

  • Enabling the GPS control panel. I documented this one in an earlier posting.
  • Using Voice Command with a bluetooth headset. Documented here.
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