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Parrot CK3300 / Tom Tom 5 / Qtek 9100

January 6th, 2006

I have a Qtek 9100 PDA phone (similar to i-mate K-Jam) running Tom Tom 5. I have the CK3300 unit. I’ve managed to get the GPS working every time without having to repair the phone and handsfree kit every time. I’m still not able to sync contacts, hope that Parrot is working on it.

Here’s what I did:

1) You need to edit the registry on the PDA to allow the GPS control panel to show up. I read about this on xda-developers.com.

From that web site:
Fire up a registry editor (eg http://www.freewareppc.com/utilities/ph … itor.shtml )
Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEControlPanelGPS Settings
Delete the DWORD marked “hide”
Add a DWORD called “Group” and give it the value of “2” (dec)
** AudiS4 – I also deleted an entry marked ReDirect.
** Had to soft reset my phone twice after doing this registry entry. Make sure you exit the regedit program properly.
The GPS panel will now show up in your connection settings.
** Go to Start/Settings/Connections and you will see the GPS control panel there now.

2) Go to the GPS control panel.
On the Programs tab, select (None) in the GPS Program Port selection.
On the Hardware tab, select (None) in the GPS hardware port selection
On the Access tab, deselect the Manage GPS automatically box (no check box)

3) Install Tom Tom v5.21 available here:
http://www.tomtom.com/support/category. … p;FID=3361
You should not have Tom Tom installed previously, this is not an upgrade, it’s a full install that will actually work thru ActiveSync unlike 5.1 or 5.0.

4) Pair your Phone and CK3300 via Bluetooth.
When you get the option make sure that “Handsfree” and “Serial Port” are both checked.

5) In Bluetooth Settings, go to the COM Ports tab, and click on “New Outgoing Port”
Select Parrot CK3300 (or whatever you named the pairing)
Select a COM port, on my phone I only had a choice of COM6 or COM7. If these are your choices, definitely select COM6 as I had trouble with COM7.
Finish and save this change.

6) Launch Tom Tom.
In the menu select “Change Preferences”
Find “Show GPS Status” and select it.
Click on Configure.
Find Other Bluetooth GPS and select it.
Pick the COM port you set in step 5 (in my case COM 6).
Click Done.

After this everything worked for me. My Tom Tom found the GPS device, and after the Parrot got a GPS fix, the software worked perfectly. After exiting Tom Tom and turning my car off, I came back after a couple hours and tried it again but just turning on the car and launching Tom Tom, and everything reconnected and worked fine. If you do have trouble, just repeat Step 6 to tell Tom Tom where to look again.

Will be curious to know if this works for the rest of you that have a K-JAM / Qtek 9100 or similar HTC phone. Good luck!

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